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The Radio Mode

Modern radio control equipment has advanced significantly in the last few years. In general most radio sets have 4 channels or more. The transmitters have 2 sticks which operate the 4 main functions which control the model. These 4 functions are generally the throttle, aileron, rudder and elevator.

The position and layout of the functions on the transmitter is referred to as the mode.

The 2 most common modes, in use today, are Mode 1 & Mode 2. There are many different combinations that can be used but Mode 1 and Mode 2, are the main ones.

Mode 1 sets have the following stick layout:

Throttle and aileron on the right hand stick.

Rudder and elevator on the left hand stick.

Mode 2 sets have the following stick layout:

Throttle and  rudder on the left hand stick.

Aileron and elevator on the right hand stick.

The majority of instructors and examiners within the DDMAC fly on  Mode 1. This is therefore possibly the best mode to fly on if you want to learn to fly with DDMAC. There is no right or wrong mode to fly, it is purely personal choice (we can usually accommodate any mode). Most modern ARTF set ups which combine a model and radio equipment as a package, tend to be on Mode 2. Most sets, can be easliy converted to a different mode, but some can not be changed. It is best to come down to the field or attend a club meeting before you buy any equipment and seek advice.