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Next Club Meeting
7.30pm Thursday 12th October 2017
@ Batley RAFA Club

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Tuesday Afternoon Tuition

The club has about 90 members, with abilities ranging from complete beginner, to expert competition winner. Club instructors are available for any potential new members looking for advice, guidance and tuition.

DDMAC is affiliated to

The British Model Flying Association (BMFA)

Club Affiliation Number 0390

Last Updated Monday, September 18, 2017

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Flying Tuition

Currently Tuesday afternoons (subject to the weather and availability of an instructor) are used to offer regular tuition and advice sessions, to members at the DDMAC flying field.

For further details please contact Bob Brown or Martin Lynn.

Check The Club Forum for latest information.

On most Saturday & Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings during the summer months, if the weather is fine, there will be members, at the DDMAC field, able to offer help & advice.

DDMAC Events & Updates

Next Club Meeting
7.30pm Thursday 12th October 2017
@ Batley RAFA Club

Tuesday Afternoon Tuition

DDMAC Bonfire & Guy Fawkes Fun Fly
Saturday 4th November 2017

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MSL Model Shop Leeds
FastLad Dodworth Barnsley
Airtek Honley Holmfirth
Demon Models Wakefield

Welcome to Dewsbury & District Model Aero Club

DDMAC was founded in September 1966 for people who liked to build and fly model aircraft. Today the members mainly fly radio controlled aircraft, which are powered by two and four stroke glow engines, petrol engines or electric power. The club is traditionally a fixed wing club, with members flying, trainers, sports, gliders, scale, semi scale and aerobatic models. There are a number of members, who also fly helicopters & multi rotor models, but fixed wing remains the main hub of the club.

The club is based at Sands Lane Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire, just outside Dewsbury town centre.

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DDMAC Bonfire & Guy Fawkes Fun Fly
Saturday 4th November 2017